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The Board of Directors and its members would like to welcome you to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network, formally known as Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area Regional Gang Investigators Network. MARGIN is an organization consisting of federal, state and local law enforcement/criminal justice officers, representing agencies from throughout Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. The primary goal of the network is to enhance officer safety by providing relevant gang information to law enforcement officers and for the overall public safety.

In 1992, an informal group of gang investigators representing seven law enforcement agencies from throughout the Washington Metropolitan area started exchanging information. The investigators soon recognized that gangs were proliferating throughout the area, that working street gangs was complex, and that the need to share gang information was mandatory. The investigators named the group the Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area Regional Gang Investigators Network (MARGIN) and met on a monthly basis to exchange information on current investigations, gang structure, membership, the crime associated with their activities, and new trends and patterns. Monthly meetings were, and are today, hosted by the various participating member agencies. MARGIN was renamed as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network to better describe the Network's geographical area of concern.
  • Intelligence sharing/information exchangeTraining
  • Legislative efforts in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia
  • Coordination with MARGIN area task force operations
  • Providing expert witnesses
  • Providing guest speakers and instructors
  • Provide input to organizations dealing with prevention and intervention programs.
  • Support of national efforts through NAGIA
As president of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network I would like to welcome you to our website.
MARGIN currently provides law enforcement training, community gang awareness presentations, expert witness testimony, and input to organizations dealing with intervention and prevention programs. MARGIN continues to support national efforts through the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Associations (NAGIA). For more than twenty years, the backbone of our organization remains the monthly regional intelligence and information sharing meetings.  Gang members are not confined; they know no jurisdictional/geographical boundaries. Therefore, the sharing of information by law enforcement partners should know no boundaries as well.  These regional meetings are open to all law enforcement entities; police, corrections, community supervision, school resource officers, etc., who play a vital role in combating this malady on our society.
If MARGIN may be of any service to you please contact us.
Robert Marker, President MARGIN
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