6/1/2014  5:35:55 PM
All applicant information is keep strictly confidential and will be used solely for membership identification and security purposes. MARGIN is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and suppression of gangs and gang activity. By completing and submitting this application, the applicant agrees to adhere to the MARGIN By-Laws. Applicant attests that he/she is at least 18 years of age as of this date, and a Sworn Law Enforcement Official or Criminal Justice Professional.  The MARGIN Executive Board reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone and/or to suspend any member for violating the MARGIN rules and By-Laws. Retired and Honorary Memberships will have to be voted on by the Executive Board, additional information may be required.
An Application Form to become a member of MARGIN can be downloaded on this page. Applicants must clearly print or type in all fields on the application form. Applicants must be a sworn Law Enforcement Official, Correctional Officer, or Criminal Justice Professional. A photocopy of your Law Enforcement identification must be included when submitting your application form. A $20.00 (1year) / $50.00 (3year) check or money order, made out to MARGIN, for yearly dues, must also be included with your application.
Applicants MUST provide a valid and unblocked email address on application form. Due to strict SPAM, virus, and email blocks that many agencies/employers are enforcing, please verify that you can receive incoming email messages from our listservers on your work email account, if you provided it to us. It is best to utilize a private, personal email account. If MARGIN emails get bounced or are rejected from your email account, you will be removed from the Members Only website until another email address can be provided.
Once your application is processed you will be contacted via e-mail with further information about your membership. As a member of MARGIN you will have the benefits of:
  • Access to a private and secure member's only website
  • MARGIN Regular Membership Card
  • Access to a member's only message board forum(Secure Listserv)
  • Notification of Training Courses
  • Numerous contacts available to network and exchange information amongst.
To pay via PayPal or with a Credit Card click on "Add to Cart" button below.
You do not have to be a PayPal member and you do not have to setup an account to utilize PayPal.
Pay Annual MARGIN Dues via PayPal
Mail completed Application Form, copy of Law Enforcement ID, and $20.00 dues to:
PO Box 10009
Rockville, MD 20849  
Memberships are good from the date of approval. It is presumed that members ackowledge and agree to abide to the constitution and bylaws of MARGIN. Please allow 2-6 weeks for your application to be processed, at which time, you will receive access to the Memebers Only secure website.
"We look forward to welcoming you aboard as a MARGIN member."
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