Virginia Gang Investigators Association
Virginia Office of Public Safety
Gang Mentality
The use of Violence by Street Gangs
How violence is a universally understood street language
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About the Speaker:
Al Valdez. PH.D
Al is currently a professor at the University of California Irvine after retiring from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in April 2006;
where he was the Gang Unit Supervisor. He has over 29 years of law enforcement experience with Special emphasis on narcotic and gang investiga-
tions, undercover field operations, and multi-agency task force and prosecutions. He has written over 82 articles and published eight books on gang
histories, customs and practices, and related issues.
Al was selected as the 2001 District Attorney Investigator of the year for the state of California. In 2005 he received the Academic Achievement
Award for educational and training achievements by the Asian Gang Investigators Association of California. In 2011 he was also selected the Assistant
Department Chair, Criminal Justice Program at Westwood College, Anaheim.
Course Description
This course will examine the gang mentality; the use of violence and how violence is a universally understood street language. The class will also ex-
plore why training is so important for criminal justice professionals and how some gang members inadvertently train using similar devices and are able
to become involved in violent acts
Holiday Inn Koger Conference Center
1021 Koger Center Blvd
Richmond, Virginia 23235
Tuition: $35 includes training, continental breakfast & lunch (limited to 150 attendees)
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AUGUST 25, 2011